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Non-Woven fusible
Fusible and Sew-In Non Woven Interlinings are indispensable for fashion industry, and very common that can be found in almost every garment productions.
We have more than 20 kinds of Fusible Nonwoven Interlining with different composition and adhesive dots for particular fabric.

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Use: usually use at collar, font placket, manchette, chest pocket,….
Size: 40″ / 60″
Composition: Polyester / Nylon
Coating: PES / PA
Color: White / Black / Ivory / Chacoal
Temperature: 110°C – 150°C
Time: 12s – 17s
Pressure: 2.5 kg – 3 kg
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1. Vietcombank

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- Bank branch: Vietcombank Chi nhánh Tây hà Nội

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